I'm back

2013-04-05 14:58:56 by Ghostking785

Hey guyzzzz ima back! I came back some time ago like 3 days ago, I didn't say anything because I've been working on the Rpg, it might be called Storm vs the mini hedgehogs (rpg) but it sounds kinda lame doesnt it? it's about eggman copying sonic's body but like changing it color and adding it new shoes,eyes and strength.But one problem for him, They are mini. But they still are strong, and they can run almost faster then Sonic the hedgehog. I will soon get helpers, in a about 5 days. I don't need helpers right now but I will soon. Anway Here's a little picture from the set. Keep staying excited guys I'm about like 58% done. After the helpers it will be like 86% done. If we complete it in time it will be released in about the month July or August. Anyway stay tooned! and good bye fellow mates.

Turns out I cannot get helpers because I have never submit'd work to newgrounds.Looks like I will work on it alone


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2013-06-27 12:45:38

Hey your the guy from "Le Forums"? :D


2013-07-07 17:22:32

Yes but which forums?


2013-08-01 12:13:51

Dear gawd.. a month ago !?

SSL2 Forums, lol.


2013-09-29 14:59:27

Oh yeah i remember lol I forgot about this